1. At Replenish, we support our providers and practitioners with business development. Included in that statement is ongoing training. We realize that a two-day training or a four-day mentorship is not enough for you to become a confident injector. So, we take your hand after your training and systematically help you grow your skills, until you’re an advanced injector. As you grow we grow. Our business is your business. So, it makes sense that we are also invested in your success.

2. We also provide the following essential medical spa necessities, that are sometimes financial barriers to providers: a free medical director, a free space to do services, free malpractice insurance, we purchase your aesthetics chair for you, we purchase products for you with no upfront cost, we have machines at most locations that you have access to and can be trained on, and you have the ability to participate in trainings and demos on a regular basis. In addition, we help you expand your social media marketing and posting techniques. We provide marketing materials for you, and so much more. It’s truly a business in a box, at no additional cost to you after training – with an unlimited potential for revenue and clientele building (so even if you wanted to leave Replenish for some reason your clientele goes with you).

(Also, we can also help you register your business if you do not have one)

3. Most importantly, we are very upfront. Even though we do advertise, we do not guarantee clients, but that is because you receive a large portion of the revenue, based on RVUs. It typically approximates to 30-50% of net profit, with the ability to grow to 60% or more. That means at a regular med spa, on a $1000 service, you would make around $30-$50. At most of our competitors you would earn around $150. With Replenish you would command $250-$300!

I’ve been told that our opportunity sounds too good to be true, but it is true. And it is good. We’re just not a business that takes all of the profit. We would never want our providers to believe that they’re missing out on revenue. Our goal is to always exceed industry standard compensation and to promote a healthy work-life balance. I saw a problem in the aesthetics field and nursing world and came up with a solution. I think the people who do the work should be well compensated, and I don’t think providers should have to pay $50,000 to start their aesthetics journey. So, If you are considering taking a paid training course anyway (because it is very difficult to have 0 experience and work in aesthetics) or if you just need practice after a course was taken in the past, let’s hop on a call. Of course I believe Replenish is a great place to train and a great company to work with. But click below to hop on a discovery call and let us further explain why you should start with Replenish: