Sculptra Training



Includes 4 Vials of Sculptra® Aesthetic. 2 will be used in class, 2 to take with you for follow-up treatment.

Maximum of 8 attendees

9am – 3pm, Lunch Included

Sculptra® Replenish Training is designed as a one-day course for experienced injectors. Attendees must have 1 year of continuous injection experience and 6 months of experience performing advanced injectable procedures. The course is open to Physicians (MD & DO), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA) and Dentists (DDS & DMD). The course includes a didactic and hands-on training session. Attendees receive a Certificate of Training upon successful completion of the course. The course fee includes 4 Vials of Sculptra Aesthetic (two for use during hands-on training, and two to take with you for follow-up treatment).

Course Description

Injectable poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra® Replenish) helps replace the lost collagen in the skin and can help stimulate gradual restoration of the collagen framework. Replacement and restoration of the collagen frameworks helps to create a subtle, refined correction of wrinkles. The Sculptra training course has as a maximum of 8 attendees. This intimate course setting allows the instructor to spend individualized time with each attendee.

Didactic Session

The Sculptra® Replenish Training Course begins with an intensive and thorough lecture session where you will:

  • Discuss the purpose and goals of Sculptra® Replenish
  • Understand the treatment areas for Sculptra® Replenish including cheeks, nasolabial folds, melomental folds and wrinkles, jawline and temples
  • Examine the prep and reconstitution of Sculptra® Replenish
  • Learn the patient assessment and selection process and how to perform patient consultations specific to using Sculptra® Replenish
  • Understand the injection techniques
  • Discuss Sculptra indications and contraindications

Sculptra® Replenish is a long-lasting dermal filler composed of PLLA, a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer. During this course you will learn the latest injection techniques and processes to achieve the optimal results for your clients while maintaining and setting expectations.

Hands-on Training

Course materials and Sculptra® Replenish Training Certification

Course materials and Sculptra® Replenish Training Certification

Attendees receive reference materials to review prior to the course as well as consent forms, history forms, a PDF and printed booklet of the Sculptra® Replenish Training Course presentation. The reference materials and PDF of the presentation will be emailed approximately 14 days prior to the course date. The presentation booklet will be handed out to attendees at the course. After successfully completing the course, attendees receive an Sculptra® Replenish Training Certification with an official Certificate of Training. Customized history and consent forms are available.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the use and goals of Sculptra® Replenish
  • Evaluate correct patient selection criteria specific to Sculptra® Replenish
  • Examine the indications and contraindications for Sculptra® Replenish
  • Learn the sterilization, prep and reconstitution techniques for Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Understand injection techniques specific to Scupltra® Aesthetic
  • Learn the pre-care, post-care, risks and side-effects for Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Evaluate correct patient selection criteria, the elements of a successful aesthetic patient consultation and when and how to tell your clients No.
  • Discuss anesthesia techniques
  • Understand common complications that may occur with Sculptra® Replenish and how to manage these complications with proper safety protocols
  • Demonstrate correct injection methods and techniques for Sculptra® Replenish


  • 9:00 am: Didactic Session 1
    • GoalGoals of Sculptra® Aesthetic,
    • Patient Selection Criteria
    • Prep, sterilization & reconstitution techniques injection techniques
  • 10:15 am: Break
  • 10:25 am: Didactic Session 2
    • Injection Techniques
    • Anesthesia Techniques
    • Patient Selection Criteria
    • Managing complications
  • 11:30 pm: Lunch provided by ReplenishMD Training
  • 12:15 pm: Clinical Hands-on-Training
  • 3:00 pm: Course wrap-up and additional questions, course evaluation

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