Replenish Aesthetics And Wellness Overview


Replenish aesthetics and wellness offers the best, easiest path to becoming a great injector- that you deserve. Subsequently we offer a path to join a growing medspa once you are a confident, competent injector; there are no monthly costs with replenish. Once you’re in we offer you free space, medical director, malpractice, products - all at no cost to you… After the training program (if you need training or mentorship). You have the option to inject neurotoxin only and the option of injecting both tox and filler - depending on your comfort.

1. We now have Multiple options that fit into most people’s price points .

Our lowest barrier to entry option (the equivalent of most other training programs) is $1700 for neurotoxin alone or $2750 for both neurotoxin and filler. This program is a one or two day hands on course where we go over Botox and filler. didactics include history, pertinent anatomy where to inject, where not to inject, fda approved on label uses, off label uses, etc… and also a thorough hands on experience with markings, facial assessments, etc.

Most companies offer this type of training. With this option you train for 1-2 days and then add on mentorship and extra practice if needed. We have included an option like this because of feedback. You can also use this certificate as proof of experience with any other med spa.


2. We have unlimited options (most pracitioners need further training after the initial 2 day training)

For unlimited training (can come back to multiple trainings for the next 2 years) it’s $5,500. We typically hold trainings every week.

Mentorship (4 day hands on experience where we have experts do consultations with you, critique you, show you where to inject, how to assess, how to educate and sell… basically hold your hand for 4 days) is $6500. Some people need that because they have taken a training, have a certificate, but need more practice. mentorship plus is 8 full days the above and is $11,500.

We also have an option for unlimited training and mentorship for $15,000 dollars.


All trainings / mentorship come with the following when you are a confident, competent injector:

3. A apprentice position with replenish, where we hold your hand until you’re ready to inject.

Some providers are ready immediately and some people need a bit more practice. When you are ready we provide you a medical director, space to inject, we purchase products for you upfront, marketing materials, machines, malpractice, emr system - all purchased for you up front. So that eliminates all of your costs after you train, which makes this the easiest and fastest way to get into aesthetics. WE ALSO DO NOT HAVE ANY non competes. So you are free to work anywhere you choose, and as much or as little as you want. We don’t make you meet minimums when you join.


4. Here are the typical costs so you can fully understand what we’re saving you and the value we’re adding, in comparison to a regular training course. 


1. Medical director: $500-$2000 per month, which is $6,000-$24,000 per year.

2. Malpractice: around $3,000-$6,000 per year for aesthetics procedures

3. Space to inject: $1,500 - $4,000 per month, which is $18,000 - $48,000 per year saved plus decorations and aesthetics chair

4. Product purchasing upfront: $4,000-$10,000 for the initial purchase.

5. Laser hair removal, microneedling, microneedling with rf machines valued at $200,000 together.

All of these perks you get with replenish.

Take your time and read what I've sent you. It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. We have multiple injectors that love the idea of this great program. We have multiple injectors making thousands of dollars each and every month.

Thank you for Choosing Replenish