How to Remove Unwanted Hair in Aesthetics


Many people get embarrassed and frustrated because of unwanted hair growth. In order to maintain their self-esteem, looking for the right hair removal method is crucial. Since a lot of options are available today, it is extremely difficult for patients who have no idea yet to choose which one is right for them.

To help you where to begin, let us start by exploring the different types of hair removal methods best suited for your unique needs and preferences.

We will also explore each of the method’s benefits and potential side effects (if any) or associated risks (even when the methods are relatively safe and harmless).

Understanding Unwanted Hair Growth

What causes unwanted hair growth?

There are a number of factors that can cause unwanted hair growth, including the following:

Hair follicles follow a growth cycle that consists the following:

  • Anagen (phase of active growth)
  • Catagen (phase of slow growth)
  • Telogen (hair stops growing)

Biological male and female hair growth patterns are varied because of hormones. Generally, men have more body hair because of higher testosterone levels. Women, on the other hand, may have increased hair growth because of hormonal fluctuations like menopause, pregnancy, or PCOS.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Traditional hair removal methods include the following:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Tweezing
  • Application of depilatory creams

These are methods that many people try at home. Shaving is fast and inexpensive. But it can cause irritation, ingrown hairs, and even razor burns if not careful. Waxing is another alternative where hair is pulled out from the root. This results in smoother skin that may last longer than shaving. However, it is painful and may cause infection like folliculitis or can cause irritation.

Tweezing is another option that many people try at home. But this is time-consuming, and like waxing, it can be painful. Application of depilatory creams can dissolve hair at the surface level. It is relatively painless but for hypersensitive skin it may cause irritation. It also has a strong odor that may irritate your sense of smell, too.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is probably the most viable and popular option for people who want to have longer hair-free periods. Laser targets the melanin (pigment produced by skin cells), damages the follicle in the process, and thereby inhibits future hair growth.

What are the benefits you can get from laser hair removal?

  • Hair growth reduction
  • Smoother skin
  • Less irritation
  • Longer hair-free period

However, it may be expensive, and would require multiple sessions to ensure optimal results. Laser hair removal is not for everyone, too. There are contraindications to the procedure such as darker skin tones and lighter hair colors.

Other Aesthetic Procedures for Unwanted Hair

What Hair Removal is Permanent?

Upon review, all other hair removal methods are temporary except electrolysis. This method uses a small electric current that will destroy the hair follicle.

Another alternative is the intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. This method also uses light to damage the follicle and inhibits future hair growth.

Additionally, prescription medications like finasteride and spironolactone can be effective in unwanted hair growth reduction, as well. However, according to a study, electrolysis is the only one that can permanently remove hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Removal Method

How do I Choose the Right Hair Removal Method?

You need to consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Skin and hair type (some methods can irritate the skin or may be less effective)
  • Personal preferences

Laser hair removal and electrolysis may be more effective. But if you want longer hair-free periods, they are an option to take as compared to the traditional methods.

Possible Side Effects and Risks

Common side effects of most hair removal methods may include ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, and folliculitis.However, the associated risks are relatively minor and can easily be addressed.In some extreme cases, it may produce minor hyperpigmentation issues, and scarring.

Therefore, it is crucial that you consult a professional who is trained and certified to ensure safety. This also ensures that you get industry-standard quality of care.

Why Some People Choose to Embrace Unwanted Hair

Many people who promote body positivity would choose to embrace unwanted hair growth. They refuse to conform to societal norms. And that’s fine so long as their mental health and self-esteem are not affected.

However, it is important to acknowledge that it is a matter of personal choice. There should be no pressure from both sides at all.


In conclusion, unwanted hair can have a significant impact on self-esteem and quality of life. Finding the right hair removal method can be a complex process that requires consideration of factors such as effectiveness, cost, time, skin and hair type, and potential risks and side effects.

If you are a medical professional looking to add hair removal methods into your aesthetic services, it is best that you undergo training and certification. This is to harbor trust rating, and increase your credibility as an aesthetician. Replenish MD Training offers a robust learning system, which you can take advantage of today. For more information, visit our website.

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