Before Dysport Injections – What You Need to Know


Dysport injections became popular recently as part of aesthetics. It is suitable for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. This post will discuss several things you need to know about Dysport.

How is Dysport different from Botox?

Dysport and Botox are derived from the same Botulinum toxin. But even then, there are still differences between them.

  • Dysport has a slightly different formulation
  • It has a faster onset of action
  • Dysport may last longer

However, knowing that the results may vary between patients is still essential. Therefore, individual assessment is still important to determine the correct procedure.

 However, individual results may vary, and you must consult a qualified provider to determine the best option for you.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dysport Injections?

If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, you are on the first step of being a good candidate for Dysport injections. Ideally, Dysport is for patients with moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows.

But if you’re hypersensitive, pregnant, breastfeeding, and have contraindicated medical conditions, you are not qualified to receive Dysport injections. You need to consult an expert before you receive the procedure to be safe.

What Should I Expect During a Dysport Consultation?

Your aesthetic provider will evaluate your skin and discuss your goals. Your facial muscles and the wrinkles and fine lines you want to treat will be assessed. You will also be considered to see whether Dysport injection is the best treatment for you. This is also the best time to voice your concerns about the procedure.

How Should I Prepare for Dysport Injections?

Before your schedule, there are a few things you need to remember, including the following:

  • Avoid blood-thinning medications (increases risk of bruising)
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours
  • Discuss any medication, supplement, or medical conditions you have

What is the Procedure Like?

The procedure for Dysport injections is quick and minimally invasive. The injection will only use a fine needle and treat only the targeted areas. The duration, of course, only takes around 10-20 minutes. Most patients tolerate the procedure with minimal discomfort.

What is Recovery Like After Dysport Injections?

Dysport injections in Houston don’t require too much time for recovery. Most patients can return to their normal activities even after treatment. For fast recovery, you must avoid rubbing or massaging the area treated for at least 24 hours. Massaging the site would spread the Dysport to nearby muscles. Strenuous activities must also be avoided for a few hours after treatment.

When Will I See the Results? How Long Do They Last?

Dysport results usually become apparent within 2-5 days after the treatment. The full effects are visible within two weeks. The results can last about three to five months, depending on the patient and the treatment area. However, regular sessions may help maintain the optimum results.


Dysport injections offer a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, helping you achieve a smoother, more youthful complexion. Remember to consult with a qualified and experienced aesthetic provider to discuss your needs and determine if Dysport injections are the right choice.

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