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ReplenishMD Training: Aesthetics & Wellness

At RMDtraining we solve the major question providers ask themselves about  the aesthetics and wellness field: how do I become a great injector if I don't have the opportunity to practice? At RMD our process speeds up the time it takes to become a confident injector:

  1. We train you via our 1 or 2 day training course. Most providers choose the 2 day unlimited training option, which includes neuromodulators and dermal fillers training.
  2. Immediately after your course, we pair you with a great injector/mentor. You can practice for as many sessions as you need in order to become a confident injector. If you have already received a certificate from another training course, you also can purchase our practice / mentorship package.
  3. Any purchase of our unlimited program or practice package includes a free membership into our RMD community. The membership also includes a business in a box model:
    • Upfront product purchasing (no expense to you up front)
    • Medical Director, Malpractice, EHR
    • Access to Replenish Suites. If there are no suites available in your area, most members provide concierge services
    • Access to provide multiple aesthetics and wellness services like microneedling, IV therapy, weight management, hormone optimization and many more services.
    • Business Development (CRM, website creation, marketing, business filings)
  4. Medical Director only services also available.


Training & practices
ReplenishMD Training Aesthetics & Wellness
Training Aesthetics & Wellness

    - Practice Until You Feel Ready To Inject On Your Own -

    Train With A Success Partner

    Start or continue your aesthetics journey with an organization who will help you practice until you are a safe, confident injector. Train at your own pace.

    Aesthetics & Wellness 
    Training and Mentorship


    • Our goal is to guide you through didactics - then practice until you feel ready to provide services without help,
    • We pride ourselves in giving our clients a natural look and feel. We currently host trainings in Houston, Texas, but accomodate Dallas, Austin and San Antonio markets 
    • Learn about skincare; master treatment protocols for all Fitzpatrick's types
    • Learn how to handle complications like a pro
    • We train/mentor you in injectables, microneedling,  skin care products and other wellness services.

    Schedule Time To Speak!

    • After training we can help you set up your business
    • We connect you with a medical director
    • Replenish purchases products for you at no extra cost
    • We provide active providers with malpractice insurance
    • Active providers can use available spaces


    ReplenishMD Training Aesthetics & Wellness


    We turn our proactive students into confident injectors. We take a multi phase approach! While you are mastering neuromodulators we simultaneously mentor you in dermal filler injections, IV therapy, microneedling, prp or another modalities. After you are comfortable with simple techniques and complication mitigation, we can further your education towards more advanced modalities like PDO threads, Biostimulators, advanced dermal filler techniques. Keep in mind that aesthetics is a lifelong learning opportunity (no one can learn overnight). If you understand that concept, Replenish will be a good fit. 


    Attend Hands-On Training


    Start Practicing (Mentorship)


    Join our community of active providers

    Receive your certificate after completing your initial training session.

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    *Financing options available

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    I just took Hands-On training 5 months ago and I already earned the cost of the program!

    Kayla, RN

    December 3, 2022

    Replenish Invests in Your Success

    In the event that you desire to to continue your journey with us, we have an option to contract services with you - a customizable plan to help you become a Replenish provider. We provide you with all of the necessary tools to get you up and running.

    For Providers by Providers

    Curriculum includes Building and Launching your aesthetics practice in 90 days. We guide you every step of the way:


    Concierge Practice or a space can be provided


    Medical Director & Malpractice


    Setting-up Pharma & Med Supplier Accounts

    Learn More, Schedule A Chat

    - Practice When You Want, Where You Want, With Great Injectors Holding Your Hand -

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    Based on 19 reviews


    Sarah Ngo

    October 1, 2022.

    ReplenishMD was a phenomenal experience! The training instructors were incredible and so patient with us as students! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an aesthetic training program!


    Callie Deloach

    December 3, 2022.

    I did my training this weekend and it was very comprehensive and the instructors are Amazing!! If you want to learn toxins and Fillers.


    Jordan Dugan

    July 9, 2022.

    Great program! The online course and the hands on portion were thorough and informative. The staff were both competent and personable. They really eased my anxiety about learning a new skill and were more than helpful.